Marcella Jaylon

power jointer and thickness planer
, units and shelves specially designed for garages, bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens can be built giving handy space saving options to enable your home to stay tidy by providing a home for all manner of items.

Attic space is commonly used as a home for unwanted items, junk and infrequently used belongings, but not many of us have anything more organised in our lofts than piles of boxes, often unlabelled, and bagged up items making it a daunting task to find what we’re looking for. From Christmas decorations to kids’ old school books, old family heirlooms to suitcases and car boot stuff; the majority of people would probably struggle to remember exactly what is in their attic so it’s hardly unlikely that it’s a struggle to find what we’re looking for up there in the dark.

A reliable jointer or carpenters can provide a safer and easier to access storage area by boarding out your loft space, and can create built in storage such as cupboards under the eaves, which can be reinforced, or building shelves around the walls. Attaching doors to shelving can keep dust and dirt off, but if you’re storing items in boxes on your shelves, keeping the shelves open shouldn’t be a problem.

In properties with loft conversions that have been done to give extra living space as opposed to leaving it as storage space, there is still a lot of scope for creating useful and practical storage, no matter what your attic rooms are used for, from additional bedrooms to home gyms, library rooms to play rooms. From wall mounted storage shelves to fitted wardrobes, open shelving in walk in dressing rooms to media storage, building custom made cupboards can be the practical solution, and the bonus is that you can choose the best finish to match the existing decor of your room.

Garages and sheds are a further location for piling up boxes of stuff, but again, building cupboards or shelves into a garage, shed or workshop can create order out of chaos, helping reduce the amount of time searching in boxes when you need to find something. If you don’t have a shed or garage but need handy storage options to store away tools, lawn mowers and kids’ toys out of the rain, a vast choice of wooden, metal and plastic storage containers can be purchased, suited to bike storage, or just to store general garden items.

No matter which room you need to increase the amount of storage in, and no matter what size your property is, a practical and attractive storage solution can be created by an experienced joinery expert, so you can relax in a clutter free environment that is easier to keep clean and is more enjoyable to spend time in.